Long-term plan:Unit 3 Creativity School: Secondary school№50
Date: Teacher name: Kushanova A.B.
Grade:5 Number present: absent:
Lesson title: Music
Learning objectives understand the main points of supported extended talk on a range of general and curricular topics meaning clearly at sentence level during, pair, group and whole class exchanges the detail of an argument on a limited range of familiar general and curricular topics with some support appropriate layout at text level for a limited range of written genres on familiar general topics and some curricular topics


Lesson objectives All learners will be able to

-identify the musical sounds and musical instruments

-read the text and comprehend the meaning of words

— memorize the new words

-recognize specific information

— understand the main points in a text

Most learners will be able to

learn to differ types of the musical instruments

— complete tasks following the instructions

-determine the types of musical instruments

Some learners will be able to

— use speaking and listening skills to solve problems creatively

— express the opinion about his /her favourite singer

— increase knowledge about music

Assessment criteria — exprеss their own points of view and shаre with them

— apply topical vocabulary connected with theme

— develop learners’ imagination

—  actively participatе in discussions

— complete most of tasks correctly about music using visuals

Value links To bring up the culture of personality through music.

(Common history, culture and language (“MangilikYel”,6)

Cross curricular links Lesson is connected with History, Music and Art.
ICT skills Active board, internet and video
Previous learning
Planned timings Planned activities Resources




5 min

























1  min




5 min






















8 min























3 min























5 min



































5 min

















(W) Greetings

– Fun and musical day my dear students! Let’s start our lesson



Listening + Speaking

(G,f) Pre-listening. “I am the music man”

Look ,listen and try to guess the theme and answer the questions.

Procedural questions

1.Do you like this song?

2. (Why?) Is it fast /slow/ boring/ old/ new / loud/ soft?

3. Can you dance to it or not?

4. What instruments has the song got?

5. Who is your favourite singer?


— identify  the title of the lesson

— respond  the questions

— name their favourite singer

 F.A. Teacher’s oral assessment: Good job! Super! /because you are so creative! etc/ Brilliant!

Introduction the vocabulary


(W) Dividing into 2 groups“ Magic pictures”

Find out your piece of picture and  divide into groups  “Dombra”and“Guitar”


 Differentiation by taskand by support of friend

(P,f) While – listening+speaking  “Guess the Song”

Listen to the songs and  answers to the questions


Scottish folksong  “My Bonnie”

What`s the name of the song? Scottish song

“My Bonnie”

Do you like the song? Yes, I do  No, I don`t
Why do you like the song? Because it is soft andslow
What kind of music does this song belong to? folk
What instruments has the song got? Guitar and fluite


Kazakh  folksong “Naq-naq”

Do you like the song? Kazakh song  “Naq-naq”
Why do you like the song? Because it is fast andloud
What kind of music does this song belong to? folk
What instruments has the song got? Dombra and kobyz


listen to the song

answer the questions

name the musical instruments

identify the name of the song

identify the genre of the song

F.A: “Quick nod”


(W,I,f) Post – listening+speaking“PLICKERS”

1.Someone who sings: pop, opera, folk songs is …

a/actress       b/singer    c/dancer    d/writer

2.The national Kazakh  instrument is ….

a/guitar   b/ piano   c/clarnet    d/dombra

3.I like …. to music.

a/to listen    b/to read    c/to write     d/to play

4.The song of “Kara Zhorga” belongs to the  ….. music.

a/classical   b/jazz   c/folk    d/rock

5.There are …. strings on the zhetigen.

a/6    b/7    c/5   d/8

F.A: Self assessment

Criteria Descriptor Mark
Listen and identify the main answer Chosses “B”for the first question 1
Chosses “D” 1
Chosses “A” 1
Chosses “C” 1
Chosses “B” 1
Total   5

Differentiation by tasks and by resources”

(According to their knowledge and abilities)

(G,f) Pre-reading   “Think – Group — Share”

                                          “Musical Instruments”

Can you think of a day without music? We can hear music everywhere: in the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops and in the parks. People all over the world are fond of music. They listen to music, they dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments. People use their voice to sing. To make other kinds of music they use many different musical instruments. Most musical instruments fall into one of four groups. Stringed instruments, like violins and harps, have tight strings that make sounds when people pluck or rub them. Wind instruments, like trumpets and saxophones, make sounds when people blow into them. Percussion instruments, like drums and rattles, make sounds when people hit or shake them. Keyboard instruments, like pianos and accordions, make sounds when people press their keys, buttons or levers.



-organize collaborative group work

— understand the main idea of the text

F.A: “Firework”


(G,I,f)  While-reading+writing

The group -“Dombra”

Memorize and write the musical instruments in the correct group

(accordion, dombra, kobyz, zhetigen, trumpet, saxophone, piano,

drum, tambourine, flute, saxophone, guitar, violin, clarinet, maracas)


String Woodwind Percussion Keyboard
zhetigen flute drum accordion



-fill in the blanks correctly


The  group“Guitar”

Complete the crossword and find the mystery word


write the names of musical instruments

find the mystery word “orchestra

F.A: “Red, Green Card”

 Differentiation by pace

(W,I,f) Post reading +writing. “A letter to my favourite singer”

Complete  the letter below.
Here’s a chance  to write  to your favourite  singer  or pop star. If you need  any help, look at the suggestions  below.  Then  send  your letter  and  wait ….wait… wait …….and may be  one day  you’ll get an answer.

Dear ( 1) …..,
My name  is (2) …………….. I am (3) …………………..years old  and I’m  your greatest  fan. I think  you are(4)  ……………….The thing I like  most about  you is  your (5) ……………. If you ever come  to (6) …………………..I hope  you’ll come to see me . We could  (7) ……………………..together  and talk  about  (8) …………………… Then  you could  answer  the one  question  I know you get a lot  of letters  from fans  but just please  answer mine.
Your(9) …………………….fan


1.Dimash, KairatNurtas,other

2.Your names

3.10, 11, 13, other

4.wonderful, fantastic, handsome, other

5.voice, smile, hair, nose, other

6. Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Shalkar, other

7. go to a disco, walk in the moonlight, have dinner  at McDonald’s, other

8. music, money, life, our future, other

9. loving, devoted, number one, crazy, other


plan the answer

write in a descriptive manner using  appropriate words

brief information about yourself

F.A: Peer Assessment. Students evaluate each other using number card on hand 1-10




Action songs for children
















Worksheet 1














Divide into groups with the pictures of dombra and guitar.








Worksheet 2































Tiger Time book
























Worksheet 3





















5 min






3 min

Feedback “Blue sofa”

The beginner sits in the middle of the sofa and says, “I am a classical music”. The next student has to say something about this concept “I am a drum” and sits to the right. The next student sits to the left and says “I am a piano” The beginner stays in pairs with the person  he wants, and the student who wants  to be paired with the rest of the student continues the phrase related to the topic of the lesson.

Evaluation. “ Sailor”

Sea – I can read new words;

Ship  – I can read and say new words;

Sail– I know styles of mucic and musical instruments;

Flag– I can speak about my favourite singer.

They build ship because clarify their level



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