Animals around the world

Келдібай Ақсауле Саматқызы

Class: 4
Subject: English
Theme: «Animals around the world»
1. Educational: assimilation of the new theme «Animals around the world«;
2. Developing: to develop pupil`s speech habits throw reading, talking, speaking, listening and writing, to introduce new vocabulary;
3. Up-brining: to teach pupil`s speaking on the topic to pay attention to their own works;
Communicative: to teach pupil`s listening, reading, writing, speaking and practicing, talking, to bring up friendly relationships between the students;
The type of the lesson: presentation;
The from of the lesson: traditional;
The methods of the teaching: explanation, demonstration, exercises.
Intersubject connection: Kazakh, English;
Equipment: presentation Power point, cards, pictures, books.
English, Grade 4. T.D. Kuznetsova, K.S. Bobrovskaya, O.P. Trofimova, Atamura 2016.
                                              Procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization
Good afternoon pupil`s. How are you? Fine, thank you. Take your seats.  What is the weather like today? Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day is it today? Who is absent today? Oh, thank you very much, take your seats.
II. Phonetic drill.
Ok pupils, I`ll say names of animals and you should show these animals with your actions.
III. Checking up their homework: What was your homework? Now, I will check up your homework.
Exercise 4.

  1. Dinner/you/who/will/invite/for
  2. Will/come/to/him/you/tomorrow
  3. Rain/the UK/where/it/will/in/tomorrow
  4. Why/she/go/China/to/will
  5. Do/will/what/they/in/spring
  6. Tomorrow/her/will/bring/for/you/a present

New words





Brainstorming questions

  1. Do you have animals?
  2. Do you like animals?
  3. How do you call your animals?
  4. New words

g [dʒ]                                             g [g]
pigeon-кептер                             goose-қаз
giraffe-керік                                gorilla-горилла
gymnastics-гимнастика              garlic-сарымсақ
cage-тор                                      guinea pig-теңіз шошқасы
giant-алып, гигант
cub-аңның баласы

  1. New theme

Pupil`s today we have new theme, the title of the theme is «Animals around the world«. Open your copybooks and write down today’s date. Today is the 12th of  February.


I                                       wash myself.

You                                  cut yourself

We                  will           cook ourselves

They               will not     clean themselves

He                   won`t        busy himself

She                                   dress herself

It                                       hurt itself

  1. Doing exercises

Exercise 1. Circle.

  1. This girl is too little. She will\won`t wash herself.
  2. Fire can be dangerous. I will\won`t burn myself.
  3. Be careful with the knife. You will\won`t cut yourself.
  4. He`s an excellent gymnast. He will\won`t hurt himself.
  5. It is cold outside. She will\ won`t dress herself warm.
  6. The kittens are too little. They will/won`t eat themselves.
  7. Don`t wash the cat. It will/won`t clean itself.

Exercise 2. Listen and read. Answer the teacher`s questions.

Panda bears are from China. They are giant and white animals. They feed themselves with dust. But mothers always lick their cubs, because they are little.

Polar bears live around the North Pole. They clean themselves with snow. The bear feeds itself with meat. In summer it also will eat grass and berries, but it won`t eat fish.


  1. Where do they live?
  2. What do they feed?
  3. How do they clean themselves?
    Exercise 3. Speaking.

My project

I`ll tell you about koalas.

Continent: They live in the forests of Australia.

Features: Koalas are small and cute animals.

Food: They feed themselves with eucalyptus leaves.

Habbits: Koalas won`t swim much.

Koalas will sleep 20 hours a day.


What I know What I didn`t know What I want to know




Necessary words: new words, some information about animals, how to read the letter G, future simple.

VII. Conclusion:
1. Do you understand our todays` new theme?
2. Do you have any questions?
VIII. Giving homework
Ok, pupil`s your homework will be exercise: 3, on page 112 and to learn by heart new words.
IX. Giving marks:
 I think, today you were very active. The lesson is over. Thank you for your attention. Good-bye!

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