Внеклассное мероприятие “Whatdo you know about English-speaking countries?”

Калиакпарова Айжан Абдимолдаевна



— систематизировать и обобщить знания студентов по теме « Англоязычные страны» и их применение в коммуникативных целях;


— совершенствование лингвострановедческих компетенций студентов;

— расширение кругозора студентов;


— развитие лингвистической догадки;

— расширение социокультурных компетенций;

— совершенствование у студентов  памяти, воображения, внимания, логического мышления;


— приобщение студентов  к культуре и традициям англо говорящих стран;

— воспитание уважения к иноязычной культуре;

— создание у студентов положительной мотивации к дальнейшему изучению языка;

— воспитание умения работать в команде;


— 2 команды из 6 студентов

— 2 ведущих .

Оснащение мероприятия:

— мультимедийный проектор;

— мультимедийная презентация;

— компьютер;

— бланки с заданиями;

— бланки оценивания для жюри.

План мероприятия:

Вступительное слово преподавателя;

Представление ведущих и членов жюри;


Представление команд

Разминка по теме «Страны и национальности »

«Дальше, дальше…»

Сделай правильный выбор

Конкурс капитанов

Подведение итогов игры (результаты жюри);

Заключительное слово преподавателя.





Good afternoon, everybody! We are happy to see you here! Today we are going to take part in English quiz. It is devoted to 5 English-speaking countries: the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. I do hope that you’ve learnt a lot of interesting facts in our English lessons about these countries. I’m sure that you’ll certainly get more useful information today as well.

Ведущий  1:Good morning, students, teachers, and guests! Welcome to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you we hope that you’ll enjoy today game.

Ведущий 2Language is the main  means of communication. There  are nearly 3000 languages in the world. English and Russian are the languages of an international communication

Ведущий 1:— Well, let’s begin our game and let`s meet our participants

The first team is called… “Forward”

The second team is called… “Every hard”

Ведущий 2:Now it is the turn to get introduced with our just juries they are:




They will help us to choose the winner today.

Ведущий 1Dear participants, you shouldn’t forget about our golden rules.

  1. Do take an active part in our work.
  2. Be polite and respectful to your fellows and opponents.

Ведущий 2 No doubt, winning is the aim, but it’s only game. Don’t forget that. Good luck to both groups! Be active, honest, helpful and you will win!

There are  5 rounds in our game. And now it’s time to start our game

Ведущий 1:  А man who knows many languages has no barriers and difficulties, especially in the 1-st  ROUND “INTRODUCTION”


Ведущий 2:  — Well let` s  start the 1-stround

-Are you ready?

Ведущий 1Now, you have 1 minute to present your team. Say your team’s name, motto, emblem and some words about team’s members. It was your home task and you can get 3 points for it.

So, the 1st team   introduce yourself. (Выступление 1 команды- название, девиз, представление членов команды).

Ведущий 2 Well done! Now it’s your turn, the 2 nd team. (Выступление 2 команды).

Great! So we hope that the jury will score the points and we are going on.


Ведущий 1Now we’d like to check how you know the names of the countries, nationalities and their capitals. There are 2 tasks in this round. Captains, come to me, take a worksheet and fill in the table. (Капитаны получают №1.)

Let’s have a look at the screen. Task1 is called » Flags and countries» . Your task is to write down the names of countries which flags you can see on the slide according to their numbers, then write down the nationalities. You have 3 minutes. If you do it correct, you will get 8 points.

( Командывыполняютзадание).

Ведущий 2 Dear team members, the time is over. Give me, please, your worksheets.(Ведущийзабираетзадание № 1 напроверкужюриидаeткарточки №2 ) .

Ведущий 1I think the next task will be easier. It is called » Countries and their capitals». Match the names of the countries to their capitals. I’ll give you 2 minutes. Have you finished?Excellent!


Ведущий 2 Thank you. With the help of knowledge of foreign languages we can communicate with each other or get necessary information which we need.

So, let’s continue our competition. Our third level is “FURTHER AND FURTHER”

Ведущий 1 Each team will be asked 20 Questions about 5 English-speaking countries.

If you know the correct answer you will say it. If you don’t know the answer, immediately tell me “Go on!” so as not to waste time. Is it clear?

One point will be awarded for each correct answer. The team …., are you ready?

Team 1    


  1. What is the official name of the country? (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
  2. What river does London stand on? ( the Thames)
  3. What is the Scottish national costume for men? ( a kilt)
  4. What colour are the taxis in London? ( black)
  5. What are the two oldest and the most prestigious universities in the UK? ( Oxford and Cambridge)




  1. When did Christopher Columbus discover America? ( in 1492)


  1. What monument is America’s symbol of Freedom? ( The Statue of Liberty)
  2. What is America’s national sport? ( a baseball)

9.How many rooms are there in the White House? ( 132)


  1. Who discovered New Zealand ?( James Cook)
  2. How do New Zealanders call themselves? ( Kiwi)
  3. Who are native New Zealanders? (the Maori)


13.What is the official name of the country? ( The Commonwealth of Australia)

  1. What city is the oldest and largest in Australia? ( Sydney)
  2. Which tree-loving animal lives in Australia? ( koala)
  3. In which season do Australians celebrate Christmas? ( in summer)


  1. How many provinces are there in Canada? ( 10)
  2. What languages do people speak in Canada? ( English and French)
  3. What sport is extremely popular in Canada? ( hockey)

20.What is the currency of Canada? (Canadian dollar)

Great job!

Ведущий 2 The team … , are you ready to answer? OK, let’s start!

Team 2


  1. What is the poetic name for Britain? ( Albion)
  2. Where is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the UK? ( Downing Street 10)
  3. What mountain is the highest in the UK? ( Ben Nevis 1343 m)

4) What colour are the letter boxes in London? ( red)

5) How many children has the British Queen got? ( 4)


  1. How many Presidents has America had? ( 44 )
  2. What state is known as the “ Presidents’ State”? ( Virginia, 8 Presidents were born there)
  3. What is the oldest University in the USA? ( Harvard University)
  4. How many floors does the Empire State Building have? ( 102)


  1. What is the population of the country ?( about 4,500, 000)
  2. What is the name of the building where the Parliament seats? ( the Beehive)
  3. What reptiles do not live in New Zealand? ( snake)


  1. How many states are in Australia? ( 6)
  2. Who are the natives of Australia? ( the Aborigines)
  3. What flightless bird lives in Australia? ( Emu)

16.What city hosted the 2002 Summer Olympic Games? ( Sydney)


  1. How many time zones are there in Canada? ( 6)
  2. Who are the natives of Canada? ( Eskimos, Indians)
  3. In what province is the Niagara Falls situated? ( Ontario)

20.What province is called “ The Seat of French Culture”? ( Quebec)

Very good! But that was rather difficult, wasn’t it? Dear teachers, what is the score at this stage ?( Жюри говорит счет команд)

ROUND 4  “Countries”.

Ведущий 1 You should guess the names of countries. Each team will get 1 point for each word. The team that will be the first, will get 3 additional points, the second – 1 point.

  1. najpa (Japan)
  2. eergec (Greece)
  3. nfearc (France)
  4. gmenyra (Germany)
  5. emraiac (America)
  6. irauss (Russia)
  7. onladh (Holand)
  8. arictoa (Croatia)
  9. gubimle (Belgium)
  10. utasair (Austria)



Ведущий 2 Can we listen to the jury now? Will you declare the results of the last three rounds?

Ведущий 1: Good of you! We see that you know Kazakh and English languages very well. Our President NursultanNazarbaevAbishuly wants his people to learn several foreign languages. So we, the young generation, learn English as it is an international language.

Ведущий 2: Well knowing and developing our native language, to speak fluently

a foreign language will be his or her advantage in his social life. Every language is rich, it is soul  and wealth of the nation. The time will come and it will go without saying  to learn several foreign languages.

Ведущий 1: So, we are lucky that we know such languages as Kazakh, English,

Russian. Well our next level is “Do you know English and Russian proverbs and sayings?”. Your task is to say Kazakh or English or Russian equivalents of proverbs given below. You will get4 points for your each right answer.

ROUND  V“Do you know English and Russian proverbs and sayings?”.

  • Betterlatethannever. (Лучше поздно, чем никогда)/Ештен кеш жақсы/
  • You know a man by his friend. (Скажи мне, кто твой друг, и я скажу, кто ты.)Сен маган досынды көрсет,мен саган кім екеніңді айтам.
  • It is never too late to learn. (Векживи, векучись) Ғасыр өмір сүр, ғасыр білім ал
  • He laughs best whо laughs last. (Смеется тот, кто смеется последним) Күлме досыңа келер басыңа
  • East or West home is best. (В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше)Өз үйім өлең төсегім
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed. (Друг познается в беде)Достың қадірін басыа іс түскенде білесің..
  • All is well that ends well. (Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается)Барлығы жақсы, егер жақсы аяқталса…
  • Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. (Никогда не откладывай на завтра то, что можешь сделать сегодня)Жалқаудың ертеңі бітпес.
  • Well begun is half done.(Лиха беда – начало)Әр істің басы қатты.
  • Every family has a black sheep. (В семье не без урода)Әр жанұяда бір ақымақ
  • A man can die but once. (Двум смертям не бывать, а одной не миновать)Өлім айтып келмейді
  • Make hay while the sun shines. (Куй железо, пока горячо)Темірді қызғанда соқ.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. (В чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят)Бөтен жерде үстемдік етпе
  • To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. (Родиться в рубашке) Көйлекпен туған
  • Like father, like son. (Яблокоотяблонинедалекопадает)Алма алмадан алысқа кетпес



Nice of you! While our juries count the points of our teams let’s listen to  Dana  with her song.

( Жюри подсчитывает баллы за все задания викторины).

Ведущий1:It’s just the time to announce the results. Our jury members are going to name the winner. ( Жюриобъявляет победителя)

Ведущий 2 Our congratulations! Thank you for your great job and participating in the contest. We do hope it was useful and exciting for you. Today you have learnt a lot of new information and facts. See you soon!



  Названиеконкурса Forward Every hard Максимальное кол-во баллов за конкурс



















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