Well done!

Aims of the lesson:

  1. To revise a new words , to develop the pupil’s habits of reading, speaking, writing
  2. To support an interest to the English lesson and promote interpersonal relationship of pupils

The type of the lesson: a game lesson

The methods of working: group work, answer the questions

Visual: pictures, cards, activeboard

Procedure of the lesson:

1.Organization moment. Greetings

Teacher: Good morning pupils. Sit down please. Today we have revise new words of  the last themes, do some exercises, read and translate new words, play a game. Now let’s begin our lesson.

2.To divided into 3 groups.

1.Countable nous

2.Uncountable nous



3.Phonetic drill.  I can read, I can write

I can speak English too.

I love learning  English

And what about you?

4.Psychologicial training

Teacher: to choose one figure among the different figures and to know about their characters.

  1. You are leader, you are always active
  2. You like to work, study, especially English
  3. You are a very creative person, you have a lot of friends

5.Checking- up home task


  1. Answer the questions

1.What day is it today?

2.What season is it now?

3.What month is it now?

4.Is it warm today?

5.Is it cloudy today?


7.Presentation new theme. Today’s our new theme ‘Well done!’

New  words

Man – ер адам

Men-ер адамдар

Woman- әйел адам

Women- әйел адамдар

Child – бала

Children –балалар



1.SOME болымды сөйлемдерде қолданылады.

There are some apples on the table

2.SOME сұраулы сөйлемдерде , біреуден бір нәрсе сұрағанда немесе біреуге бір нәрсе ұсынғанда қолданылады.

1.Сan I have some tea?

2.Would you like some juice.

3.ANY болымсыз сөйлемдерде қолданылады.

I haven’t got any sisters and brothers

There weren’t any children.


8.Some \any  сөздеріне жаттығу жұмысы

  1. There weren’t
  2. There weren’t any            men
  3. There weren’t
  4. There weren’t any
  5. There were
  6. There were some
  7. There were
  8. There were some          children
  9. There weren’t
  10. There weren’t any
  11. There weren’t
  12. There weren’t any             women



  1. Game ‘Repeat ABC’















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