France Grammar: modal verbs

Cабақтың мақсаттары:/Aims of the lesson

Білімділік/Educational: to check pupils` knowledge from English Kazakh and Russian through playing games, doing different tasks

 Дамытушылық/ Developing: Оқушылардың өзара сөйлеу және басқаның айтқанын тыңдау оқу жәнежазу қабілеттерін дамыту /to develop students’ speaking and listening and reading skills

Тәрбиелілік/Up-bringing: to bring up the pupils lovers of language and teach to be attentive to call students to be kinder, stronger, cleverer

Expected result: At the lesson pupils will be able to:

  • use new words in speech
  • give their own opinion about travelling

Сабақтың түрі\Type of the lesson: аралас сабақ/mixed lesson

The method of the lesson: teaching speaking

Пәнаралық байланысonnection with other subjects: қазақ француз және орыс тілі/Kazakh French and Russian languages

Visual aids: slides, text, pictures, cards, money coin


Сабақтың өту барысы/ Procedure:


  1. Ұйымдастырукезеңі /Organization moment:

Good morning girls and boys take your sit how are you? What is the weather like today? To tell about your post cards the theme Our dream vocation

  1. A) Checking up the absentee and speaking about the weather
  2. B)Make a funny circle and then express your good wishes to each other.
  3. Checking up the home work postcard about travelling

III. phonetic drill sounds [i] [i:] tik-ti:k did-di:d pit-pi:t

Come to tea

Come to tea with me

Come to tea with by the sea

If you are free Come to tea with by the sea

Will you agree If you are free Come to tea with by the sea

iV. New words:

earn money-

get visa-

know English-

complete application


check passport-

  1. brainstorming


Earn money         get visa    complete application       know English   tur agent



Travel to France








So pupils today we have travelling lesson Travell to France  What do you know about France?(4-5 оқушыдан сұраймын)

If you would like to travel to France first of all you should write application for getting visa (in France act shengen visa)(every pupil will complete application after application we divide you into 3 groups Pupil who travel to France by plane by train and by bus and get money )3 team get  coin -3mark 2 team-10 euro-4     1 team get- 50 euro

  1. write application (get money)

Get Visa (get money) write family and name and the country where we was born and country where we travel


  • Dividing into 3 groups counting your money
  • By plane by train by bus
  • Audio lesson dialogue at the airport аудио тыңдау диалог әуе жайда
  • 3 groups advertise your turagent GO TO FRANCE

(плакаттарға өз тур агентсвосын жарнамалау агентствоның аты тиімділігі)

  • Grammar modal verbs (Russia) (get money) if you are going to travel in foreign countries first of all you should speak in English because it is international language
  • Today we have grammar modal verbs
    1. What is modal verbs?
    2. What kind of modal verbs do you know?

Can – істейаламын could – істейалатын едім

May-мүмкін might-

Must қажет use must when you think it is necessary or very important to do something

The windows are very dirty  I must clean them

We must go to the bank today. We have not any  got money

Must in present or future

I must go to the bank now

I must go to the bank tomorrow

For the past  (yesterday last week ) we use had to + inf (had to go had to do)

I had to go to the bank yesterday (it is necessary for me to go to the bank)

We had to walk home last night . there was no bus

Musn`t  I must not do it = it is important not to do it. It is a bad thing to do

I mustn’t hurry I must not be late

You must not walk on the  grass  (do not wall on the grass!)

Have to (had to)қажет it is necessary for me to do it. I am obliged(обязан) to do it

I`ll be late for work tomorrow I have to go to the dentist

You have to pass a test before you can get a driving license

The past (yesterday last week ) is had to

I was late for work yesterday I had to go to the dentist

In question and negative we use do does in present in past did

Do not have to do – it is not necessary to do it

I am not working tomorrow , so I do not have to get up early

Joy does not have to work very hard. He is got an easy job

Have to= must

Use must when you say what you think is necessary , when you are giving your opinion

Usually have to is possible

It is fantastic film You must see it

Use have to (not must)when you are not giving your personal opinion

Jill won`t be here  this afternoon. She has to go to doctor(this is not my opinion –it is a fact )

In many countries , men have to do military service. (this is not my opinion-it is the law in those countries)

Should керек көрсен болады сөйтсен болады

Ought to керек

Doing exercises 27.1 use must +one of these word (ауызша)

27.2 put in must or had to

So we go to Austria

After Austria we go to France So I am guide 


VIII. New theme: Our today’s theme is “france”. At first to speak about our france we need to learn modal verbs and their equivalents  to speak in English correctly.

So image I am guide

To see video about France (Франция туралы видео көріп кішкене вертуалды саяхат жасау)

Dear guest I wanna to tell you about country of fashion make up sweets and love France


Video about  France  

  1. kaxot quiz about France
  2. music
  3. home work to write information about political system history of France famous foods of France


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