1 курс студенттері арасында ұйымдастырылған «Тіл-менің тағдырым» атты зияткерлік ойын.

Мерзімі: 25.09.2019

Сабақтың мақсаты:

Білімділік: Студенттердің оқу, сөйлеу, жазу дағдыларын қалыптастыра отырып, сөздік қорын молайту.

Тәрбиелік: Студенттердің еркін тақырып бойынша өз ойларын ағылшын тілінде еркін жеткізіп, пікірталас орнатып, жан-жақты болып қалыптасуына ықпал ету.

Дамытушылық: Жаңа тақырыптар арқылы, жарыс сабақ арқылы студенттердің ой-өрісін кеңейту, ойлау қабілеттерін, сұрақ жауап арқылы тілдік, танымдық, зияткерлік қабілеттерін дамыту.

Сабақтың түрі: зияткерлік ойын сабақ

Пәнаралық байланыс:қазақ тілі, орыс тілі

Көрнекілік: интерактивтң тақта, слайд, колонкалар, суреттер, карточкалар.


Good morning dear teachers and students! We are very glad to see you at our competition. Today we are going to have a special day, because this week is not a simple week. This week we celebrate our national holiday – «Week of languages». How said our first president, everyone must know 3 languages: Kazakh as native, Russian as the language of communication and English as an international and world’s language. The power of English is the most widely spoken language in the world. We know that one billion people speak English all over the world. 400 million people speak English as the first language another 600 million people speak as the second language. And in many countries students learn English as a foreign language.  So nowadays the students and pupils even little children are interested in learning foreign languages. Even there is a Russian proverb like «Человек знающий два языкадва человека» that’s why, the main thing if you learn foreign language is your desire. And you can travel and you can get a lot information about other countries, it doesn`t matter which language you prefer.


OK, we chose the cleverest student in each group. You should be active and be ready for today`s our interesting contest. And want to say GOOD LUCK!

Our game is consists of 5 contests. They are:

1)                Introducing yourself (7min)

2)                The ABC game (10min)

3)                The picture of famous people (10min)

4)                Proverbs and sayings (give Russian or Kazakh equivalents) (10min)

5)                Soundtrack (8min)

OK, if everything is clear, we want to wish you good luck and start our competition.

1)    They introduce themselves

2)    The ABC game


1.      T M O E L H R N A D,   

2.      L N U A G E A G, 

3.        E U A T D N A C I O,

4.      A N A O S I S O I C T,

5.      P F E S I S O R O N.   

6.      B S U M E N A S I S N,

7.      C R M I T S H A S,

8.      C N T I N T O S U I T O,

9.      P S G E R E A S N,

10     C S R O S R W D O.


The answers:

1. Motherland                                            6. Businessman

2. Language                                                         7. Christmas

3. Education                                              8. Constitution

4. Association                                            4. Passenger

5. Profession                                              5. Crossword


3)     The picture of famous people. In this task you should speak little about famous person that appears on interactive board

               Proverbs and sayings (to give Russian or Kazakh equivalents)

1.     Knowledge is power

2.     Better late than never

3.     Good health is above wealth

4.     Live and learn

5.     Tomorrow come never

6.     East or west home is the best

7.     Like mother like daughter

8.     Watching father the son grows up, watching mother the daughter grows up

9.     Good beginning makes a good ending

10.           You cannot give a chicken enough food to satisfy it, you cannot give a girl enough food to satisfy her


4)    Now students, listen about our next round. We switch on the fragments of some films and songs. You should listen and find what film is that. It is not so difficult, because they are soundtrack of popular films

1.     Home alone

2.     Harry Potter

3.     Fast Furious

4.     Mask

5.     Hachico

6.     Step up

7.     Sherlock Holms

8.     The pirates of Caribbean

9.     Twilight

10.            1+1 Untouchable

Today’s our contest is over. Thank you for everyone, Lets listen to our juries and know which student is the best . Thank you for attention. Good bye!


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