about Degrees of Comparison. Grade 5

Goals: 1. To demonstrate new grammar theme “Degrees of comparison”
2. to develop imagination, attention, memory and emotions of students.
3. to bring up the interest to the learning English

Plan of the lesson

  1. T- Good morning!
    S- Good morning? Good morning
    Good morning to you.
    Good morning dear teacher
    We are glad to see you!

T- I’m glad to see you too. Now, please take you sits. Today we have not ordinary lesson. Our lesson today is called “ Who is the biggest, the best and the strongest?” We will describe people and learn new grammar theme “Degrees of comparison” for moresylabic words. First of all tell me please: 1.Who is on duty today?

  1. What is the day like today?
  2. What is the date today?

T- OK, you must learn the rule about Degrees of Comparison. Let’s repeat it.
Now look at the blackboard? Fill the adjectives which are absent.

new the biggest

(Учащиесы должны вставить слова в пропущенные строки и дать его перевод. Всего 10 слов.)

T- Ok, students you are very good. And now I must explain for you some rules. (Мы с вами изучили и теперь повторили как образуются степени сравнения односложных прилагательных, а также исключения. Но мы должны также познакомиться с образованием степеней сравнения многосложных прилагательных. Степени сравнения прилагательных образуются с помощью more и the most.

Ex: expensive — more expensive – the most expensive
На доске слова:
friendly –дружелюбный
Expensive- дорогой
Dangerous- опасный
Boring- скучный
Unfriendly – не дружелюбный
Unhealthy- не здоровый
Modern- современный
Interesting – интересный

T- Students now you should write these words into degrees. Then you must give the translation and repeat it after me. ( Pay attention on the using words more and the most)

T- You are very good! Now look at these boy and girl. They come to our place to meet with you. But they want that you to describe them. Boys should describe the girl, and girls describe boy. For every right and correct answer you may give a star. Wins that team which tell more correct and more words.

Ex: This boy is good.
This girl is better than boy.
(Students may call about 10 words each)

T- And now we work with our book. Open you books on p. 54 ex. 4. You must make a table for these adjectives and then check I with teacher.

T- now students you must imagine that we are in space and we see all the planets of our solar system. (On the blackboard is a poster with view of solar system) For each pair I prepare a card with one question and the variants of answers. You should look at the poster and answer this question. And you have a card with names of planets.
Mars – Марс
The Sun – Солнце
Mercury – Меркурий
The Earth – Земля
The Moon – Луна
Venus – Венера
Jupiter — Юпитер
Saturn — Сатурн
Uranus — Уран
Neptune — Нептун
Pluto — Плутон

1) Which is the biggest planet in he solar system?
a) Jupiter
b) Mars
c) Venus
2) Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?
a) Pluto
b) Neptune
c) Uranus
3) Which planet is nearer to the Sun?
a) The Earth
b) Mars
c) Venus
4) Which is smaller?
a) The Sun
b) Jupiter
5) Which planet is the fastest?
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Saturn
6) Which is the nearest planet to the Sun?
a) Neptune
b) Jupiter
c) Mercury
7) Which is the nearest to the Earth?
a) The Moon
b) Mars
c) Venus
Time for all is 5 minutes. And then students should read the questions and translate hem and tell the right answer.
Молодцы, и с этим заданием вы справились отлично. Теперь немного отдохнем и поиграем в игру «Запутанные слова». Нам прислали эти слова, чтобы мы с вами их расколдовали и дали перевод на русском и казахском языке. Вот эти слова, а здесь переводы. Вы должны, вначале разгадать какое это слово, затем найти правильный перевод на русском и казахском языках.

W L S O slow –медленно -акырын
LS A M L small –маленький – кiшкентай
I B G big — большой — улкен
O D G O good – хороший -жаксы
H E P A C cheap – дешевый — арзан
S E B T best – самый лучший – ен жаксы

T- Now students you work very good but… you were worse than others and you give… marks. You were the best of all and you give “excellent’ for your job. And now your home task. Now please stand up. Our lesson is over. Good bye.

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