Ағылшын аттестация тест

1. Choose the correct variant of the phrasal verb to meet: e)to get together
2. Choose the correct synonym: We have been celebrating this holiday for 8 years: a) observing
3. To fall away means:
e) leave
4. Complete the sentences: At 2 o’clock lessons ….. again.: c) start
5. The abbreviation BA means: d) Bachelor of Arts
6. Find the verb forming suffix: d) en
7. Add prefix and suffix: Write, eat: c) re, -able
8. Choose the right variant: We have English lessons: a) twice a week
9. The sentences with the possessive case: c) My sister’s hand bag is red and black
10. Article the is used with: d) newspapers
11. Complete the sentences: Do you know ___daughter: b) George and Kate’s
12. The Correct use of preposition: I’m glad to get rid ____ the responsibility: d)of
13. Choose the right preposition: to insist___: c)on
14. The Correct use of the prepositions: ___ Denmark, teachers are ___ the best paid workers: a) in, among
15. The Correct use of preposition: There is a place __ 6 stamps __ each page __ Nick’s stamp book: d) for/on/of
16. Complete the sentences: That new house belongs to me, so it is___: e)mine
17. Fill in a suitable pronoun: ___ books were read last year.: e) Those
18. Fill in a suitable pronoun: They are so young that they can lose__ children: a)their
19. The correct variant of the numbers 3542:a) three thousand five hundred and forty-two
20. Correct written fraction ¾: e) three quarters
21. The correct variant of the numbers 255: a) two hundred and fifty-five
22. The best alternative: It’s very difficult to drive in___: c) slow moving rush hour traffic
23. Complete the sentences: Walking is a ___ physical activity than running: e) more popular
24. Choose the correct answer: You look much ___ today: c) better
25. It is as adjective and as adverb: e) fast
26. The sentences with the correct form of the Past Simple passive: d) was read
27. A delicious cake ___ by him now: b) is being tested
28. Choose an irregular verb: b) seek
29. Fill in a suitable verb: Most days my daughter __ get up first and make breakfast.: c) used to
30. You …. whisper. Nobody can hear us: e) needn’t
31. The correct answer: I failed the test. I ___ studied harder: e) should have
32. The verb followed by to (Complex object): c) want
33. Compete with Complex object: I want __ a song. She’s got a marvelous voice: b) Asel to sing
34. The verb followed V-ing (Complex object): b) prevent
35. Sentences with Complex object: e) Do you want me to stay with you?
36. The appropriate endings of the sentences: Trevor said that …: d) he had fixed the shelves
37. The appropriate endings of the sentences:The director wondered …: c) if I learnt English
38. The right variant: a) She knew that he was doing his homework at 7 o’clock
39. Report the sent. : “don’t wait for me,” she said to me: a) She told me not to wait for her
40. Choose the conditional sentences: A) If I stay out late, I’ll get a taxi home
41. You won’t pass the exam … you try a bit harder: c) unless
42. Suppose! If It __last weekend, we __ to play tennis: e) rained – wouldn’t be able
43. The weather was cold while we were away. I wish it ___ warmer: b) had been
44. Equivalent: He came out of the office and went home: d) Having come out of the office, he went home
45. Modal verb: She__ know his address: c) must
46. Function of gerund: Knitting is one of my hobbies: e) subject
47. Form of the verb: We thought about __ early: a) leaving
48. Underlined word is : I enjoy reading new books: e) gerund
49. We agreed ___: c) to go
50. Define the function of infinitive in the senten.: I was the first to come: d) object
51. “oo” is pronounced differently in the word: a) flood; d) blood
52. The correct word: __ popular belief, the desert can produce crops: b) by means of
53. Choose the right preposition: I prepare mineral water __ juice: d) to
54. Which of them are possessive pronouns?: AF
55. Read the number: 1345; f) one thousand three hundred and forty-five
56. The correct answer “The Alfa River is 100 km long. The Beta River is 200 km long.”: E) longer than
57. We ___ by a loud noise last night: B)
58. He said that___:
59. The second halves of sentences are : Diana was sitting in an armchair:
60. The sentences using be+ adjec+ infinitive: b)He’s afraid to tell him the truth
61. The Chinese made the firs paper money about 1500 years ago__: e) because in some parts of China didn’t have enough metal for coins
62. ___ issued the firs paper money: e) The Bank of Sweden
63. Why did the Lydians put a picture on their coins?: to show where the money come from
64. How did people live without money: e) people used to exchange things
65. Early coins first appeared in: d) Turkey
66. English language is: a) used in the majority of world’s emails
67. To estimate’ means: a) to calculate
68. By 2050: e) the number of English speaking people will have dropped.
69. Chinese language is: e) the leading language in the future world
70. The English words were borrowed: a) Saxons
71. Troubled: в) waters
72. 2. We have celebrating this holiday for 8 years: c) observing
73. 3. The synonym to the word “rest”: c) relax
74. 4. The meaning of “stop or keep a person from doing something”:e) prevent
75. 5. There is a lot to do. We should have more time. C) We need more time
76. 6. “Medical” is matches with:e) treatment
77. 7. Find a general word for the following group: d) education
78. 8. Complete the sentences with the correct article: ___ fear is a perfectly natural human feeling.: d) —
79. 9. Article the is used with: b) newspapers
80. 10. Write “a” article before the nouns: b) I’m happy to have … very good education.
81. 11. It is __ nice morning. Let’s go for __ walk :d) a/a
82. 12. ___ Denmark, teachers are __ the best-paid workers: b) In/among
83. 13. Have you ever been ___ Paris? : a) to
84. 14. Children___ sixteen years___ age are not admitted to the bar__ their parents: a) under/of/without
85. 15. Correct preposition: His courage is worthy ___ the highest praise: a) of
86. 16. The old town is famous for __ beautiful architecture: c) Its
87. 17. They are so young that they can lose __ children: c) their
88. 18. The noun ‘Flowers’ may be replaced with the pronoun: d) they
89. 19. I was born in 1996: a) nineteen ninety-six
90. 20. The correct variant of the fraction 2/3: d) two thirds
91. 21. 3542: e) three thousand five hundreds and forty-two
92. 22. Where is the___ bakery?: e) nearest
93. 23.Suitable adjective: Tim was too ___ to ask Alice for a dance: a) shy
94. 24. Plural form of the word “forget-me-not”: b) forget-me-nots
95. 25.She is ___ person in class: e) the most intelligent
96. 26. The statement is not about Passive voice: a) We use for repeated action and to talk about things in general.
97. 27. The right verb form is: Can I borrow that book when you ___ it?: b) ‘ve finished
98. 28. Past Simple of the verb: a) cleaned
99. 29. Irregular verb: d) seek
100. 30. The meaning of the modal verb in the sentence: Mr. Black might have already gone: d) possibility of the action
101. 31. Modal verb “to”: c) ought.
102. 32. We believe ___ to be the best way out of this situation: a) it
103. 33. Choose the Complex Object: e) She wants to me to read this book
104. 34. Complex Object: e) He heard me open the door.
105. 35. Complete the sentence: My father ___ drive a car:а) Let’s me
106. 36. Report the sentence: Tom said: “I’m reading Robinson Crusoe”: d) Tom said that he was reading ‘Robinson Crusoe’.
107. 37. Report the sentence: The teacher asked: “What is the day today?”: a) The teacher wondered what day was that day.
108. 38. Report the sentence: Fred said “It is stuffy here”: d) Fred said it was stuffy there.
109. 39. Tense changes in reported speech: b) past perfect-past perfect
110. 40. Sentence with “Zero Conditional”: c) if you don’t water the plants they dry up
111. 41. Find the zero conditional: b) present simple, if present simple
112. 42. Second conditional form: a) past simple, would+ infinitive
113. 43. Appropriate answer: Suppose! If it ___ last weekend, we ____ to play tennis: a) rained – wouldn’t be able
114. 44. Present Participle Passive: d) while being examined, the boy could not help crying
115. 45. Perfect Participle Passive:a) having been translated into many languages the book became known everywhere.
116. 46. Gerund as the Object in the sentence: a) he was accused of having stolen this necklase
117. 47. Fill in a suitable form of the verb: Saule was surprised __ him last month: b) to see
118. 48. Define the underlined word: My elder sister enjoys listening to music: d) gerund
119. 49. Which of these verbs can take both gerund and infinitive with similar meanings: a) love, prefer
120. 50. We thought about __ early: a)leaving
121. 51. Choose the words with the sound [э]: C H?
122. 52. Choose the right preposition: to insist: a) on
123. 53.Underline word is: He is some advice for Those preparing to go on holiday: a) pronoun
124. 54. Sentence with reflexive pronouns: C) we got there by ourselves E) we did it ourselves
125. 55. Ordinal numbers: A) twelfth E) third
126. 56. Choose the noun:с) rainbow d) cow
127. 57. Choose the right variant: I __ here __ 6 months: c) have working … for E) have been working… for
128. 58. The second halves of the sentence are: I wondered:?
129. 59. Participle I: C) he tells us about a new building now being built in Astana E) Opening the window Sheila injured her hand
130. 60. The sentence using be+ adjective +infinitive. He’s afraid of telling him the truth: F) he’s afraid to tell him the truth
131. 61. The synonym of the word reply: B) answer
132. 62. English people like talking about the weather: B) because the weather is very changeable in England
133. 63. English people use the statement “Other countries have a climate: in England we have weather”: E) to describe
the weather peculiarities in England
134. 64. “As changeable as the weather” – it is a person who ___: B) often changes his mood
135. 65. English people do not like spending their summer holidays in England, because __: B) of changeable and rainy summers in England
136. 66. Why people had become alarmed with the danger of pollution?:A) Cars and other new inventions make pollution steadily worse
137. 67. What should we do to reduce pollution? : e) we should protect nature
138. 68. Britain helps international organizations on environmental ___: e) protection
139. 69. Why is pollution a complicated problem? E) because factories reduced useful things
140. 70. Pollution wasn’t such as a serious problem earlier. People___: E) did not have pollution – causing machines

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