Ағылшын тілі сабағында танымдық ойындарды қолдану.


Ағылшын тілі сабағында танымдық ойындарды пайдалану

Шет тілін уйретуде ойын элементтерін қолдану өте маңызды.

Танымдық ойындар баланың тілге деген қызығушылығын арттыруға,сабақ материалдарын тез қабылдап,ұғынуға көп көмектеседі.

Ойын арқылы баланың

— сөйлеу қабілетін,

— жаңа материалды тез және оңай түсінуін,

— ойланып барып дұрыс жауап кайтаруын дамыта аласыз.

Грамматикалық ойын түрлері:


1 What Is This?

T- Oh, I`m so tired. Who can help me? Who wants to be a teacher?

P –May I?

T – Yes, you may.

“Teachers”                                                       “Pupils”

What is this?                                                    This is a pen.

What are these?                                               These are pencils.

What is that?                                                      That is a window.

2 Where Is the Pen? (behind, in, on, under)

  1. Hide-and-Seek in a Picture

T – Let`s play hide-and-seek today.

P – I want to be “It”

A      Are you behind the wardrobe?

“It”   No, I am not.

B       Are you under the bed?

“It”    Yes, I am.

  1. Unfinished Drawings

T – Today I am an artist. I can draw pictures. What is this? «Нечаянно» стираю полрисунка. Oh, what a clumsy woman I am. What have I done? Help me. What was it?

P – It was a house.

T – Oh, thank you.

T – Tell me what it will be before I finish a new drawing. K, wil you rnow,don`t you?

K – Yes, it will be a chair.

  1. What is there in the bag? (Приношу яркий мешок и с загадочным видом говорю)

T – I`ve been to a shop and look! I`ve bought a lot of things. I`ve bought the things we spoke about yesterday. What is there in the bag?

P – There is a book there.

T- No, here is not a book in the bag. We did not speak about a book yesterday.

P – There is a cup,(a fork, a spoon)

T – But how many spoons are there in the bag?


  1. What Can You Do with a Book?

P – We can read it (take it, put it on my desk, open, close, write)


What can you do with (chalk, ball, chair, water)?

What must yiu do at home (in the lesson, after school)?

What may we do during the break (in the forest)?

T – Suppose you want to drink tea but you can`t. Why?

P – We can`t drink tea without water (a cup, sugar)

Team A – People can`t live without water

Team B —  People can`t live without food (shools, teachers, houses)

What do I do?

(Плакат іледі)

  1. I like History best of all.
  2. I like Geography (Literature, Mathematics, singing. Sport) best of all.

( Бір сөйлемді таңдайды.қалған оқушылар сұрақ арқылы табады.

вопрос) Do you like History (Math) best of all?

What Animal Does It? (жануарлардың атын жасырады)

T – Does it live in the forest (with people)?

Does it drink milk(give milk)

Does it live in people`s house??

Does it bark?

Does it eat grass?

Is it a cow?




Teacher                                                                                    Pupils

I receive a letter, K.                                                                  You read it

I had a ticket,  A                                                                You went  to the cinema.

I had a ball, P.                                                                              You play football.

I had an apple, J.                                                                          You ate it.

I had a record, D.                                                                          You listened to music.

I bought a cake, L.                                                                         You ate it.

What? Why? When? (Present  Continuous и Present Simple)

T – Imagine. I am in the field. There are a lot of flowers here. K, what am I doing?

P – You are picking flowers.

T – Yes, and why am I picking flowers?

P – Because you like them.

T – Yes, very much. And what season is it now?

P – It is summer.

T – Why do you think it is summer?

P – Because flowers grow in summer.

Pavel is washing

T –What is Pavel doing?

P – He is washing.

T – What time of the day is it?

P – it is morning because people always wash in the morning.

Ann is eating.

T – What is she doing?

P – She is eating.

T – What time of the day is it?

P – It`s afternoon.

Темы для этюдов; The pupil is skiing (playing snowballs)

What am I going to do?

T – Am I going to sleep (to eat)?

P – You are going to give us a lesson.

T – Yes, you are quite right. I am going to teach you. Now I takt apiece of chalk. What am I going to

do now?

P – You are going to write.

T – That`s right. Now I have taken a pen and open the register.

P – You are  going to mark the absentees.

T – Now show some actions and i`ll try to guess what you are going to do. Yes, K, you are laying the

table, you are going to have dinner.

I took a trip (Past Simple)

T – You went on a trip. What did you take with you? Now don`t be surprised. That was a very

unusual trip. You  took only one thing with you.

P – I took a suitcase (a book, a clock)

T – That`s good. Let`s go on. What did you eat? Remember that you took only one thing with you.

T – What did you put on your head (on your feet)?

What kind of transport did you go in?

What did you see in Moscow?

Лексикалық ойындар

How Many Pages?

How many pages are there in the book?

Numbers Line-up


What Colour Is Misha`s Shirt?

T – S, come here and look at me, don`t look at your friends. What colour is Misha`s shirt?

P – It`s brown.

T – Nothing of the kind. It`s yellow.

T – K, what colour are Misha`s boots?

P – They are black.

What Do You Do at Home?

P – I do my homework (watch TV, wash up, make my bed, walk my dog, go shopping)

What Can I Do for You? (Игра в магазин)

Shop-assistant – What can I do for you?

Buyer – Mother has sent me to buy smth, but I forgot what it was.

Shop –assistant —  What does she want to cook?

Buyer – She wants to make a pie.

Shop-assistant – Did she want to buy some eggs?

Buyer – No, she didn`t…

Фонетикалық ойындар

“The Jolly Little Clown” u “The Sunny Little Clown”

Шығармашылық ойындар

Simon Says

Look at this man. His name is Simon. And he is a teacher now. You must obey only his commands.  Simon says, “Stand up!” Good! Simon says, ”Hands up! “ Good! Sit down! Why did you sit down? Simon did not say, “Sit down!” Remember – Simon is a teacher.


We Can Eat Bread

T – We can eat butter (bread…). We can eat chalk. Oh, Ann, give me your  counter, please. We can drink (tea, milk, coffee, sugar, water)

We can eat with a spoon (folk, pen, knife)

We can put on a hat (coat, chair, jacket)


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