«Healthy future» 6 сынып

LESSON: Healthy future School: 18
Date: Teacher name: Akhmetkaliyeva  Gulnaz Borisovna
CLASS: 6 Number present: absent
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to 6.C1 use speaking and listening skills to solve    problems creatively                 and cooperatively           in groups
Lesson objectives 6.L4 understand the main points of supported extended talk on a range of general and curricular topics

6.S1 provide basic information about themselves and others at sentence level on an increasing  range of general topics

Thinking skills           Knowledge and comprehension


Criteria          respond to basic supported questions about people

make introductions and request in basic interactions with others

recognize with support a limited range of basic common

personal questions

ability to describe their favorite sport using basic adjectives

All learners will be able to:

·         recognize with support a limited range of basic common

personal questions spoken slowly and distinctly

Most learners will be able to:
·         use basic adjectives to describe their hobbies
Some learners will be able to:
·         make introductions and requests in basic interactions with others

·         respond to basic  supported questions about people, objects and classroom routines

Planned timings Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities) Resources

10 minutes


Organization moment


Hello! Hello! How are you?  I’m OK,OK

Hello! Hello! How are you?  I’m fine , fine!

Hello! Hello! How are you?  I’m sad, sad.

Hello! Hello! How are you? I’m happy, happy.

Review last lessonMagic box”






Box with things


20 minutes


Brainstorming :

Learners watchVideo «Sport» to guess the theme of the lesson.


Divide the class into three groups according to pictures “Sport, National game”

Answer the question

Do you know about sports?

Each group anwer the question

Association game  “Sport” and make poster

Each group assess 2 wishes and 1 star


Future Simple tense

Each pupil should say what they will do tomorrow

I will…..

I won’t…..


Game: Matching

Descriptor: match sport with equipment

They look at the board and guess the national game

Then they watch video about national game and discuss

Game: Who is the quickest?

They translate the words


They read the text and understand,retell



1.Read and understand the questions.

2.Listen to the audio.

3.Answer the questions.

4.Write the answers on the poster.

Relaxation moment: Sing a song “Sport”





10 minutes

“Six thinking hats”

Each person wear a hat and say their point of view


·         Managing Blue – what is the subject? what are we thinking about? what is the goal? Can look at the big picture.

·         Information White – considering purely what information is available, what are the facts?

·         Emotions Red – intuitive or instinctive gut reactions or statements of emotional feeling (but not any justification)

·         Discernment Black – logic applied to identifying reasons to be cautious and conservative. Practical, realistic.

·         Optimistic response Yellow – logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony. Sees the brighter, sunny side of situations.

·         Creativity Green – statements of provocation and investigation, seeing where a thought goes. Thinks creatively, outside the box.


Feedback:  The leader of group assesses their classmates


5 mark

4 mark


3 mark

Home task: read the text p93

Additional information

Differentiation -how do you plan to give more support?

Differentiation according to tasks,levels,outcomes

How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Make up short sentences



Assessment -how are you planning to check learners’ learning?





Giving feedback to learners

Peer assessment

Learners giving feedback to each other


Use the space below to reflect on your lesson. Answer the most relevant questions from the box on the left about your lesson.

Cross – curricular links

Health and safety check ICT links Values links



Art and music , PE

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