Спорт в нашей жизни. Sport in our life

Сорокина Татьяна Геннадьевна

Обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Спорт».

Задачи урока:


  • тренировать и закреплять в речи учащихся лексические единицы по теме;
  • познакомить учащихся с экстремальными видами спорта;
  • формировать речевые навыки, обеспечивающие познавательно-коммуникативные потребности учащихся;
  • расширять словарный запас учащихся.


  • развивать языковые способности и устойчивый интерес к изучению английского языка;
  • расширять кругозор обучающихся при помощи мультимедийных средств, информации из Интернета;
  • развивать практические умения работе в группе.


  • способствовать воспитанию толерантного отношения к спорту,
  • способствовать воспитанию сотрудничества при коллективной работе;
  • способствовать обогащению внутреннего мира учащихся.

Актуальность и целесообразность использования медиапродукта:

  • интенсификация учебно-воспитательного процесса (увеличение количества предлагаемой информации, эффективность выполнения упражнений увеличивается в несколько раз)
  • повышение эффективности усвоения учебного материала за счет одновременного изложения учителем необходимых сведений и показа демонстрационных фрагментов (подача материала двумя способами: аудиально и визуально);

Форма обучения направлена  на практическую подготовленность учащихся: владение английским языком  в речи.

Развитие компетентностей:

  • готовность к самообразованию;
  • информационная;
  • коммуникативная.

Необходимое оборудование и материалы для занятия –карточки на каждого ученика для групповой работы и чтения.



Ход урока.

Организационный момент.  Приветствие. 

— Good morning, dear friends! I’m glad to see you. Welcome to English lesson! How are you today?

— Fine, thanks.

— Sit down, please. I’m fine too. If you are ready, let’s begin our lesson.

Фонетическая зарядка. Мотивация. Объявление темы урока.

        — Today we are going to have a very interesting lesson.

At the beginning of our lesson let’s do this exercise. Name these sports and games.

Now think and answer: what is this lesson about?  What us the theme? (Ответы учащихся).

You are right. We continue our work at the theme “Sport”. Today we’ll revise the material of previous lessons, speak about sport in your life and find out new information.

Речевая разминка.

— Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind is in a sound body.” Millions of people who go in for sports know from their own experience that this famous saying is true.

At the same time a great number of people don’t go in for sports. Some of them realize that sport is useful but prefer watching sport on TV to going in for it themselves.

Now I’d like to ask you some questions about sport and sport activities.  (Индивидуальные ответы учащихся).

Групповая работа. “Любимый вид спорта

— Now I know that all you like sport and I’d like to find out the favourite kind of sport in your group. Interview your classmates, complete the table and report the results.  Use the model:

Dima likes football

Ann’s favourite sport is skiing. 

Ice  skating


(Учащиеся получают  карточки с таблицей. В верхней строке учащиеся записывают имена участников своей группы. В беседе выявляют любимый вид спорта и отмечают в таблице. По образцу  представитель от каждой  группы сообщает о любимом виде спорта.)

Целеполагание. Ознакомление с лексики

— Now let’s read the text about summer and winter kinds of sport.

Summer and winter sports in Great Britain.

The most popular outdoor winter sports are shooting, skating and tobogganing. Summer afford excellent opportunities for boating, yachting, surfing, rugby, football and other sports. All the year round many people indulge wrestling, aerobics, fitness training, athletics, weight training and track and field events. Among indoor games which one can go in for all the year round are billiards, ping-pong, bowling, draughts and squash. So we have all grounds to say that sport is one of the things that makes people kin.

  • Can you understand the text and translate it?

PP.: No.

  • Why?

PP.: Many words are unknown.

  • So let’s find out the meaning of these words?
diving прыжки в воду
wrestling спорт. борьба
athletics легкая атлетика
hiking горный туризм
cycling велоспорт
curling кёрлин
biathlon биатлон
archery стрельба из лука
cricket крикет
sailing стрельба из лука
horse racing конный спорт


 Сообщение нового материала.

— There are some kinds which not available for everybody. Can you name them.

(Ответы учащихся).

Now I’d like to tell you about some extreme kind of sport. I hope it will be interesting for you.

Bungee jumping is jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building or bridge.

Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is the activity of performing acrobatics

during freefall.

Snowboarding is an activity or sport of standing on a short wide board and moving very fast down a hill covered with snow.

Ice diving is an extreme sport in which you dive through a hole into a very cold sea that has ice on the top.

White water rafting is a sport or activity of moving a rubber boat through water and round rocks in a river that is flowing very fast.

Scuba-diving is a sport or activity of swimming underwater with a scuba.

Surfing is a sport or activity of standing on a long flat board and moving across waves in the sea.

Проблемные задания.  Закрепление лексических единиц.

— Now let’s do some exercises. Match the sport and its name.

 — Group these activities into indoor and outdoor sports.

— What sport we can…  PLAY ?   GO ? DO ?

 — Check yourself.

Рефлексия. Обучение монологической речи.

( I ) —  Many people like sport.  But a great number of people don’t go in for sports. Are you good or against sport? Let’s divide in two groups. The 1st group will think and tell us about good sides of sport, another one – about bad sides of sport. Ответы учащихся:

Sport is good because

It makes me strong and fast

It helps me to keep fit

It builds character

It teachers me to win and to lose

It’s very good for my heart

We enjoy it

Sport helps people to stay in good shape, helps to support health and prevents from illness.


Sport is bad because

It’s not  very useful.

It takes a lot of energy and time.

We have no time to walk with friends

It needs to work very hard.

We can break legs and arms.

  So good sides more than bad sides.

( II )- Russian school boy Sergey likes sport. He thinks sport is good. This is his letter. He writes about his favourite kind of sport.

 —  Now I’d like you to tell me about your kinds of sports. Use these words and expressions.

Учащимся предлагается рассказать о любимом виде спорта, используя схему и выражения.

Домашнее задание. Подведение итогов урока. Выставление оценок.

— Your speaking was brilliant. Now you can have a talk about sport. I’d like you can write about it. Your home task will be to do a project “Popular sports in Great Britain”. You must do some research and find out:

What kinds of sports are popular in Great Britain?

Describe one of these sports: name, history, equipment, manner of play, tournaments, and greatest sportsmen.

— I thank everybody for the lesson. You were very active. I hope this lesson was interesting for you and you have known much new and useful information. Your speaking about sport was brilliant. Thank you. This lesson is over. Good bye!

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