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В этой статье рассматривается всем нам известная технология которая играет важную роль в развитий и совершенствовании нашей системы обучения. Сейчас через интернет стало возможным узнать все. Мы имеем возможность посещать занятия идя дома, поредством конференции или чата, без каких-либо сомнений. Время доски с мелом и досок объявлений уже прошло. Самый важный фактор в методах обучения и его процессе это количество и качество уроков которые преподают учителя сейчас изменились и особо непонятны для многих студентов. Поэтому учителям следует использовать современные учебные пособия. Исследования доказали, что эффективнотсь обучения посредством книг и доски сравнительно  меньше чем с картинок и видео.

Ключевые слова:технология, метод, занятия, 


Бұл мақалада біздің оқыту жүйеміздің дамуында маңызды рөл атқаратын жаңа оқыту технологиясы жайында айтылады.  Қазіргі таңда бүкіл ақпаратты интернет арқылы білуге мүмкіндік бар. Біз үйде отырып, дистанционды түрде конференция мен чаттар арқылы   оқуға мүмкіндігіміз бар. Бор мен тақтанынң уақыты өтіп кетті.Оқыту процесінде ең маңызды фактор бұл- оқытудың саны мен сапасы, оның өзгертілуі оқушыларға қазіргі таңда мүлде түсініксіз. Сондықтан, оқытушылардың жаңа оқыту технологияларын қолдануы жөн. Ғылыми зерттеулерге сүйенсек,  кітап және тақтадан үйренудің тиімділігі сурет және видеомен салыстығанда мүлде кем.

Кілт сөздер: технология, әдіс, дәріс

        Modern education has been flaunted all round the world, which is useful and easy for teachers but not for students. Some days back I was browsing through the internet for some education details. That time I was just mouth struck to see a photograph where a school is with modern teaching methods like LCD in a class room. It was showcasing me the a great apadptalization towards technology by using instructive aids by modern day teachers to educate children. Actually it was a kindergarten school, where the children were of age 8-9 years sitting in their seats and a teacher was teaching and guiding them through a LCD projector. I’m not sure how in a dimly-lit classroom, which is lime light so that the screen is visible to all where anyone could imagine how much it is difficult and how sustainable the delicate eyes of small children could bear.
        Day by day technology is growing, but the problems which is created by them is just rapid and many are suffering from it. The world is behind new and modern technology which makes their work easy. While the world is growing rapidly more in technologically advanced, thus increasing the need for balanced, bright, educated and healthy individuals but our school systems are falling further and further behind in meeting the needs. Due to this, the schools find it easier to educate the children, but they don’t care on the health of those small kids. Even not only schools, we need to talk about parents also who just introduce computer and gadgets to kids at a small age. With the current addiction on using technology in education many parents and schools are introducing computers to children at young ages. This is on way of making their life easier and make them to know lots of things, new things just on surfing rather than reading books and understanding. They just give them a head start on developing academic skills and well also to prepare them self for the workplace of a better future to competitiveness. But recently educators, doctors, scientist, psychologists and various organizations like WHO have raised their concerns about children’s using computer at an early age. Even though disability and difficulty can be bridged by technology but the number of questions that are raised on whether this form of educating children will really be helpful and beneficial for their physical, mental and emotional taking care on over all development of a student to face this World ?
         On talking of physical development, we know that there are many health issues in using computer and other electronic gadgets at a early age. The most important and the compelling arguments which was found and made against the use of computers were the risk of repetitive motion injury which is scientifically known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This problem mainly comes for children that adults. It has a greater risk for students who are just using computer from an early age. This is because children’s skeletal and muscular systems are not fully formed as it will be in the growing stage and also prone to greater risk for injury at a very early age.
         Parents just choose the school for their children based on the infrastructure and luxury the children needs as they are same like in their home. They just prefer schools which advertise in bold letters providing the facilities heading that they are providing Air — Conditioned classrooms and use modern technology to teach students. So on seeing these ads parents opt for such schools international schools for their children without even thinking about the harmful effects which takes place on their child’s growth. Scientist and Researchers have found some health issues which happen due to change of nature condition, which is they indicate that air-conditioning undermines and changes our natural adaptation to heat which hinders and affects the endocrine system. They also found that Air-conditioning leads to obesity. Because usually humans burn calories more slowly in a cool environment that is Air-Conditioned and also tend them to eat more. On practicing in schools, even at homes children’s are preferring the same, were they just turn up the air-conditioning and do their work on computers and watch television. Due to this Children do not want to go outside for playing games, as a result they get less exercise and this leads to obesity. Also due to continuous usage of computer an another possible risk is eye-strain and eye-rashes which may include dryness due to not blinking enough, often getting headaches and blurry vision.

We all know technology plays an important role in enhancing and developing our learning system. Through internet it has been made possible to know all things. We can attend classes from sitting in home through Video Conferencing or live chat and clear all our doubts. The time of blackboards with chalk and notice boards are changed. The most extreme factor in a teaching methods and its process is the quantity and quality of the lessons given by the teachers are changed and not so understandable for students. Teachers are therefore should use modern teaching aids. Scientific proof has been made that learning from books and black board is comparatively less when the students understand a lot on pictures and videos. We all know a picture is equal to 1000 words and a video is equal to 1000 pictures. So our modern education follows these techniques to educate children well and make them understand well. Modern teaching aids are used to make learning sessions interactive and motivating. All these modern aids help the students to learn well and understand. Nowadays, as classes are modified and equipped with Modern teaching aids such as speakers, online streaming videos, Interactive Whiteboards, Visualizer, response system, CD’s, projectors and educational software etc. The teaching done with all these technology makes the students to have interest in learning than the same old black board and teachers. Teaching done Modern teaching aids is important and most preferred in the technological age. Many subject topics can be taught better and made the students to understand well than reading from books. We can teach students in more depth and cleared all doubts with Modern teaching aids.  Teachers must use various types of Modern teaching aids to connect with students. Now days, we can find class rooms ith out teachers and just students sitting in class room and a teacher is teaching through online video streaming from some other place. These things are done by the satellite and communication to students is made possible to clear doubts and make them understand. Modern teaching aids incorporate audio-visual techniques like speakers, screens that influence and create the interest and memory of students. Utilizing Modern teaching aids successfully will create good educated students as it states to the best platform for learning and teaching. Teachers are using multimedia content which makes students to see more interestingly s they watch films with audio and video into their lessons. The teacher has to be sure to identify the main points of the contents so that children can absorb the knowledge. A multimedia and flash content gives the student a better learning and new experience as they can watch the actual phenomena and understand the processes and subjects well.


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