Hairdressing tools

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The aims of our lesson today is:

To resent new words and expression on the theme “Hairdressing tools” and practice them.

To develop skills of reading, speaking, listening, writing.

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  1. Ұйымдастыру бөлімі
  2.  Organization moment

Good morning! I’m glad to see you! Sit down,please!How are you?

II Checking up the home assignment

Let’s remember men’s and women’s hairstyle. I’ll show you the picture and you tell us what hairstyle is it. (презентация).

  1. Сабақтың тақырыбы және мақсаты туралы айту.
  2. The theme of our lesson today is “Hairdressing tools”. And the aims of our lesson today is

1) to present new words and expressions on the theme “Hairdressing tools” and practice them

2) to develop skills of reading, speaking, listening, writing

Let’s remember men’s and women’s hairstyle. I’ll show you the picture and you tell us what hairstyle is it.

  1. Жаңа білімдер мен түсініктерді, дағдылар мен ептіліктерді қалыптастыру:

The theme of our lesson today “Hair designer’s tools”. Now open your copybooks write down the date and the theme of our lesson. You always need these instruments and you need to know these words. Now I’ll read you these words. You listen to it and repeat after me.(индивидуально,хором) When do you use these tools?

Wide tooth comb- комбинированная расческа to comb hair, for untangling

Cape- пеньюар to save clothes

Clippers-машинка for trimming

Shears-ножницы for cutting

Blow dryer- фен to blow the hair

Curling iron-плойка to make curly hair

Flat iron-выпрямитель (утюжок)to straight the hair

Rollers-бигуди to make volume and curly hair


What for do you need these professional lexical? Nowadays we have online shops in the internet where we can order supplies and one of them in English language and if you know these words you can easy to understand and translate them. And a lot of instructions are written in English. (for.ex. clippers)

  1. Оқыған материалды бекіту

Now I suggest some web page from Internet. You should read it and translate.

 Which tool would someone use to make their hair straight?

  1. You have read this catalog and now choose the correct answer.
  2. Vocabulary (слова)

Read the sentences and choose the right words.

Match the definations with the new words.

When do you use these tools?

  • To comb hair, for untangling curling iron
  • To save clothes shears
  • For trimming                                                       rollers                                                                                                 For cutting                                                            clippers
  • To blow the hair    hairdryer
  • To make curly hair                                hair iron
  • To straight the hair                               comb
  • To make volume and curly the hair cape

 Speaking . Look at the picture and speak

    What are they doing?


Read the text and complete the sentences.

Hairdressers  are professionals who cut and style hair. From simple trims to elaborate undoes, hairdressers are trained to perform many hair care services for their clients. They don’t just use one tool, they use many different tools. ______ are used to shave hair. ______ are used to cut hair. _______ is used for drying hair. To straighten  hair I use_______.


Key  words:

Clippers,  Shears, a hair iron ,  A hair dryer.

    Сабақтың қорытындысы: The aim of our lesson was to develop basic lexical professional vocabulary of the theme “Hair designer’s tools” You have worked very well. Marks for the lesson.


Answer the question and complete the table:

  1. What is your profession?
    What equipment needed?
    3. Where it is done?







profession Equipment needed Where it is done



  • Learn new words
  • Make sentences using new words

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